What is a ‘trading painting’?

A little bit of paint and a few good-natured jibes can go a long way.

That’s what’s happening in this clever painting from Sweden, which combines painting and a trashing competition.

It’s called Trading Paint, and it’s inspired by a contest in which people share a painting with the winner.

This one, which is being displayed in London, uses three colours, blue, red and green, to represent the three colours in the trashing contest.

A viewer in the gallery will then be able to select the colour of the painting they want to trade in, and the artist will draw a picture of the winner, and send it to the viewer.

That’s the idea behind the exhibition.

“Trading Paint is the ultimate trading art competition.

It has the potential to become a social experiment in the world of art and the art industry, in which the public can decide the winner of a painting,” the exhibition says.

What’s more, the exhibition is being held in London for the first time, in what will be the first such event in the UK since the painting competition.

“The exhibition is not only about sharing the beauty of art but also about the human need for communication,” the artist said.

In other words, it’s a good thing.

But the exhibition’s creators aren’t taking this too seriously.

“[The exhibition] is a social experimentation in the art world, in the arts world and the world as a whole,” they said.

“This exhibition is about sharing and sharing again, and we believe that this exhibition will have a positive impact on the way art and art lovers communicate.

We are also very passionate about art, and our aim is to bring out the best artworks that we can.”

You can see the exhibition in London from September 21 until September 25.

Source: Google News

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