The ‘smartest’ house on the block: The ‘artificial intelligence’ house

By Laura SullivanPublished Apr 10, 2018 04:18:16For some, it’s a luxury, a place to relax, and for others, it could be a job.

For most, it means they’ve got to leave their houses at the end of the month to save on rent, because there’s nothing they can do.

The new Smartest House on the Block program has been developed to try to make this impossible.

The program has launched in a number of cities, including Seattle, where the new program was designed to get more people to stay home and do less with their time.

But what do people actually do in a house like this?

Here are five things to know about this new home, which was designed by real estate and design firm W.W.M.C.T.E.

The new SmartEST house, with a view of the Seattle skyline, is a house designed by the Seattle Design Group.

It’s located at 710 6th Ave.

and has a garage, a kitchenette, and two bedrooms.

The architects of the SmartEST home are W. W. M. C. T. E.

The architecture firm W W.

M C.

T E. created the new house, and it features smart design, including a large “artificial intelligent” kitchen, a “smart glass” display, a solar-powered roof, and a retractable window.

The house was designed with two bedrooms and a garage to make it easy to move around, with the main house being a single room, and the garage having two smaller rooms.

In addition, the garage has been equipped with a solar roof.

A “smart” glass display that is built into the front of the house that can be viewed from all directions.

A retractable roof that extends from the front to the rear of the garage.

The solar-generated roof lights the garage with solar energy that is used to power a solar generator that is connected to the electrical grid.

The solar panels that power the solar panels are embedded into the roof.

The garage also has a separate kitchen that has a retractible wall to keep people away from the garage door.

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