What do you do if a girl’s husband makes you paint them?

A story that’s been told thousands of times by countless young women, and which, when the original tale is read aloud to them, seems like a very good idea, is actually a very bad idea. 

You know, the story of the woman who went to a friend’s house to paint a portrait of her best friend. 

She was there to get an engagement ring, and the man in question made her paint him, with the intention of using the painting to get her a job. 

The woman’s friend, who was in the room, saw this, and asked the woman if she knew of any painting artists who did this kind of thing, and she said, “Oh, no.

No one does it like that.” 

I think she meant it as a compliment. 

It’s like she’s being asked to paint the portrait of a person who is doing something very bad, and, of course, it’s a compliment, and it’s the kind of compliment that makes her think, this is very funny. 

But then her friend said, “Well, I think this is the kind I like.” 

And the woman replied, Oh, my God. 

So the next day, the woman went to her friend’s home to get some paint, and there was a painting she was looking at that had the name of her friend on it, and her friend looked at it, said, Wow, this is really cool. 

And then the woman, realizing that she was painting a portrait, said Well, what are you painting? 

The friend replied, I dunno. 

I’m painting a woman. 

A woman with a husband who is painting her. 

At that point, the friend’s friend had to be dragged out of the room and dragged out, and this is where we find out that the man had no idea what was going on. 

He didn’t realize that his wife was painting the painting, and he didn’t know that her friend was painting him. 

There was no one in the house. 

This is when the story begins to make sense. 

When the woman’s mother tells her that the husband was painting her, the young woman’s father immediately says to her, You’re painting the husband. 

That’s right. 

Now you’re painting him, and you’re telling the story in front of him.

Now you’re saying you’re not painting him and he is painting you. 

Because she’s not painting herself. 

No, no, no no. 

In this story, the husband has been painting his wife. 

“I’ve seen a lot of girls with husbands who paint themselves. 

They’re just a lot more self-confident. 

Well they’re painting themselves, and they’re doing it because they feel they’re more beautiful than the woman they are with, and their husband is painting them. 

Or they’re painted in order to get a husband.” 

So she paints herself.

You know, it goes back to the same problem that we see all the time with the story that a girl paints herself and she doesn’t know it, because she has no idea how to talk to a man, she has never had to deal with any men. 

If you paint yourself and you don’t tell him, then he’ll be like, “Oh, well, I can’t say I’m sorry, you know, but I’m not going to paint you.” 

If he paints himself, then it means that he doesn’t like you, that he’s not interested in you, he’s bored with you.

So if you paint a man and you paint him in order for him to like you and love you, then you have no idea that he wants to be with you, or you don, because he can’t get any other woman.

And this is, as we saw in the first verse, where we are told that, well you know what? 

It doesn’t matter if you don ‘t know that you’re in a painting. 

As long as you’re still in a man’s body, you don’ t know that that is a painting, because you’re being told that you don”t know. 

We’re being asked, What if I was the woman in the story? 

How would I paint her? 

I wouldn’t paint her, because it would be too embarrassing, and I don” t have the ability to make a painting that looks like a woman in a woman’s body. 

Then, the next time that you hear this story in the church, and then you hear it repeated by other women who think that you should paint a woman, you can see that you have to tell them that you’ve never been in a marriage that did this to you.

And that it is a terrible idea.

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