How the Nighthawks painted our bedrooms in ‘Aquaman’

I spent a lot of time thinking about how I would paint our bedroom walls.

In a world full of shiny metallic paint, the color blue is the most popular choice for many, but for some it’s a bit too dark and is not a match for a dark, muted color like grey. 

The Nighthaws’ bedroom was painted with a different palette, however, and was based on the theme of the movie.

We wanted the room to look like a nautical scene and we were inspired by our favourite ship from the movie Aquaman, the Aquaman-themed Nighthawk. 

I chose the classic Nighthawks look from the “Aquamania” movie. 

My inspiration was from the design of the Nightsaber, which is one of the most iconic ships in the movie, the Nighsaber. 

It’s a big, heavy-looking ship that was designed to be used for raiding and as a light, fast destroyer. 

We decided to paint it blue because we wanted the look to match the sea as well as the colors. 

There are also some other elements that were important to me.

The shape of the hull is based on a modern design, and the shape of some of the interior panels are based on some of my favorite ship design from the franchise. 

In addition to the Nothawks’ ship, we chose a few other elements to add to the room: The walls were painted with blue paint, which means the color of the walls reflects the blue color of their ship. 

To get the blue paint on the walls, I used an airbrush to spray a clear paint on top of the blue, then painted it using a second airbrush. 

When the blue was dry, I added some white paint to the sides of the room and painted the walls with it. 

Once the paint was dry and I had the white paint on all the walls and the blue on the floors, I took a photo of the finished finished room, which I then posted on Instagram. 

If you’re a fan of the Aquamans or just love the movie (or just want to show your love for the movie), I would love to see your photo. 

Also, be sure to check out my collection of Nighthowler themed wall murals.

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