‘Gangnam Style’ movie inspired by ‘Halloween’

‘Ganja’ star Hailee Steinfeld has said the movie she co-wrote and directed with her mother “Halloween” star Leslie Mann has inspired her work on ‘The Legend of the Black Panther’.

The Black Panther film is based on the Marvel Comics character.

“I just started to work on it and when I first read it I was like ‘I wanna do this.

I want to make this film,'” Ms Steinfeld said.”

It just felt right, it was such a fun thing to do.”

Ms Steinfeld was inspired by the ‘Hollywood’ movie, which was based on an Indian mythological character and was directed by her mother.

“She wrote the film, so that was a little bit more of a challenge for me,” Ms Steinfeld said.

Ms Steinfeald has made an appearance in several movies and television shows, including ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘Arrow’.

“I think that film is one of the most iconic, so it was just so fun to work with that character,” she said.

The film was also inspired by Halloween costumes and the characters of the ‘Black Panther’ comic book series.

“When I first saw ‘The Black Widow’ costume and the costume that was inspired from the comics, I was really inspired to make a costume,” Ms Mann said.

It was Ms Mann’s idea to use her mother’s costume as inspiration.

“We went to her house and we looked at all of her costumes,” Ms Miller said.

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