How to fix a bad paintjob

By: Andrew Taylor, Managing Editor, Lifestyle, Style and Design, The Lifestyle magazine (UK, March 2017) I love the simplicity of this article. 

Its so easy to see the problem and fix it, right down to the little details.

I had a friend recently paint my house with a beautiful new paint job and it was a pain in the ass.

He had painted a very dark and gloomy look to it.

So when I saw the photo of his house with the paint job I couldn’t believe it.

I was so confused and wanted to see what happened.

What did it do to my house?

I used the same paintjob I used on my previous house and the new paintjob looked great, even with a slightly darker coat of paint.

The problem with the new coat was that the edges were now looking uneven.

If you look closely you can see that the paint has been rubbed out of the sides of the house.

This is due to the new surface being rougher than the old.

When you put a new coat of colour over the old paint you start to see a difference.

You can see the red lines, the edges and the outline of the paint have all been rubbed in.

It’s a really easy fix, but it’s a pain to do and can take a couple of days.

My friend is right to be concerned.

But I found a very simple fix for this issue by just going back to the photo.

Go back and change the background colour.

Do this by going back and using the same colour and shade of paint you used to paint the house the previous day.

Then take a few photos of the previous coat of white paint.

If the colour looks different, you can change the colour.

It’s easy to do, right?

The problem now is that I can’t do this without damaging my old house and I can see how it could cause some problems in the future.

As a result, I have decided to take the paintjob that I bought from my friend’s house and make my own paintjob, using a similar colour as the one I used.

 Here is what I have done to my new house.

The first step is to find a colour that looks good and doesn’t look like the previous one I bought.

A friend has a fantastic collection of colour names to choose from so here are some suggestions.


Light yellow 2.

Bright yellow 3.

Medium yellow 4.

Deep yellow 5.

Light grey 6.

Light brown 7.

Light blue 8.

Light orange 9.

Dark blue 10.

Light green 11.

Medium green 12.

Dark green 13.

Light pink 14.

Medium pink 15.

Dark pink 16.

Dark grey 17.

Light lavender 18.

Light purple 19.

Dark lavender (I used lavender)I then used the Colour Club to pick out the new colour.1.

Dark purple (Lavender)2.

Light dark lavender(Lavish)3.

Dark turquoise(Turquoise)4.

Light aqua(Aqua)5.

Dark black(Black)6.

Medium dark grey(Grey)7.

Medium light blue(Light Blue)8.

Medium orange(Orange)9.

Medium lavender-lavender(Light Lavender)10.

Medium black(Dark Black)11.

Light black(Light Black)12.

Medium white(Light White)13.

Medium grey(Medium Grey)14.

Light white(Medium White)15.

Medium turquese(Turqua)16.

Light turquoise(Turque)17.

Medium blue(Blue)18.

Medium gold(Gold)19.

Medium copper(Copper)20.

Medium silver(Silver)21.

Medium ivory(Ivory)22.

Medium goldenrod(Goldenrod)23.

Medium tan(Tan)24.

Medium rose(Rose)25.

Medium burgundy(Burnt Orange)26.

Medium olivegreen(Olivegreen)27.

Medium maroon(Maroon)28.

Medium deep magenta(Deep Magenta)29.

Medium burnt orange(Burned Orange)30.

Medium aqua-lavendar(Aqua-Lavendar)31.

Medium magenta-lavenders(Magenta-Lava)32.

Medium brown(Brown)33.

Medium reddish brown(Reddish Brown)34.

Medium teal(Blue-Yellow)35.

Medium taupe(Taupe)36.

Medium bright red(Bright Red)37.

Medium mauve(Mauve)38.

Medium peach(Peach)39.

Medium lilac(Lilac)40.

Medium jade(Jade)41.

Medium red-orange(Red-Orange)42.

Medium purple-lavendels(Purple

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