The world’s most expensive moon painting: The ‘Moon of the Month’

The world-record price of the world’s biggest moon painting is almost Rs 20 crore, according to a report in the latest edition of the Wall Street Journal.

The painting, named the “Moon of The Month” by artist Pravin Shah, was commissioned by the National Space Organisation (NRO) in 2015 to honour India’s space agency.

It cost Rs 3.5 crore to produce, according the Journal.

The painting is the largest of its kind commissioned by an Indian agency.

Its price tag is a fraction of that of a previous moon painting commissioned by India’s defence agency.

In April, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) commissioned a giant painting of the moon, titled the “Big Moon”.

The painting is expected to cost $1.5 billion to produce.

The first phase of the painting was completed in May and the next phase is scheduled to begin in August.

NRO Chief Executive Arvind Panagariya has said the painting will be used for research, education and communication purposes.

It is not the first time a moon painting has been auctioned off for Rs 1 crore or more.

In October, the Japanese space agency launched a giant $1 billion (about $8 million) painting of Venus.

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