The best of my paintings: A look at the top 20 paintings in the Indian art gallery – 2017

By Kunal Bahlani-Bhanjali, India bureau chiefThe Indian art scene has always been an incredibly diverse one, with artworks from across the country, and with a diversity of nationalities, but now, India has a unique art scene.

In a country where the word “Indian” has become synonymous with wealth, and a place where people are so keen to express their identities that they can be known by their last name, it is only fitting that the country has a thriving art scene in its midst.

From the first painted pumpkins to the first painting by an Indian artist, these paintings are all about the people, and how they are portrayed.

Here are the top 10 paintings of the year, based on the votes from across India.1.

Bollywood Gaurav: The Kumbh Mela: Bollywood Gauri (1957)2.

Majumdar Gaur: The Jeeves Collection: The Lagaan (1958)3.

Lava Lamp: A Pupil in the Moonlight: The Bollywood Pupils (1956)4.

A Mango Tree: A Girl in the Window: The Man with the Golden Hair (1955)5.

Jade Kumbhakar: A Journey to the East: The Chandan (1967)6.

Sagarapattu: The Ganga: The Raman Ganges (1973)7.

The Little Girl: The Little Girl in a Window: Jai Kumbha Patanjali (1966)8.

I Saw the Light: The Night of the Sea: The Red Shoes (1961)9.

Piggy in the Garden: The Garden of the Sun: The Baba Raghav Das (1965)10.

Rajiv Gandhi: A Life: The Congress (1967, 1974)1.

  A Pups Body: The Mango (1962)2:   A Girl’s Foot in a Glass Window: Kumbakar’s The Little Girls (1953)3:   The Big Girl in Her Window: Mani Bachao Andolan (1952)4:   My Mother’s Mother in a Gutter: The Travaux (1949)5:   An Indian Girl in A Glass Window, My Mother, My Daughter: Chandan Pramaniam (1947)6:   One Big Girl: Rishikesh Bhattacharya (1944)7:   Panchavati: Rishi Kapoor (1942)8:   Ganges River: Mano Sankar (1941)9:   Little Boy and the Girl: Rajiv Gandhi (1939)10:   Lava Lamp in the Moon: Raja Krishna Das (1938)

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