What if Donald Trump just painted his house?

President Donald Trump said in a tweet that the country “shouldnt be paying” for his $40 billion wall, and suggested he might just paint his house himself.

“Wouldn’t it be great to just paint my house myself?”

Trump tweeted on Sunday.

“I’ll pay for the wall.

It’ll cost less than $40B!”

The tweet comes as Trump has repeatedly blasted critics who question the cost of his proposed wall.

The president’s initial wall proposal was estimated to cost $20 billion and was widely panned as a waste of money.

On Friday, Trump said that “the wall” was “worth it.”

“The wall is the best idea I’ve ever seen, if you want to build a wall,” he said.

“The wall will be built on a beautiful piece of land and we’ll have a great wall.

But if we can make a good deal on the cost, we’ll do that.”

In his first public comments since the wall proposal, Trump defended the proposal and suggested that he was merely looking to avoid a potential legal fight.

“You look at the price of a $1 million wall.

They’re going to be talking about the cost in the future,” Trump said.”

But right now, we have a country that’s under a lot of stress and that has a lot going on.

We’re going through a great economic time, we’re in a great country.

And the wall is probably not the most cost-effective way to make sure we keep the peace.

It’s a very important thing.”

Trump has long argued that the cost is not worth the effort, but some experts have said that it could be cheaper to pay for a new wall.

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